Southern Spirits Cocktail Infusion Kits

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Style: Old Fashioned

Handcrafted Cocktail Infusions made in Bellville, Texas by several mothers, daughters and friends who roll up their sleeve, slice, dice and dehydrate the freshest produce and bake flavor-infused organic sugar to help you carry The Southern Spirit into your home, or to share with others.

1. Simply fill your jar with your favorite Spirit and refrigerate

2. Infuse for three days

3. After three days, shake, pour a shot into a glass and add your favorite mixer! Voila, you have up to 10 cocktails!

REPEAT! Strain liquid leaving fruit in the jar and fill it back up with your spirit and infuse again! Each Infuse Jar makes up to 20 cocktails, if you infuse twice!

Each Cocktail Infusion includes a QR code on the label, making it simple to access step-by-step instructions and a variety of recipes for each flavor.

Making the perfect gift for your friend, mom, birthday, Christmas, host, teacher appreciation week, or gearing up for your next gathering, these Cocktail Infusions create opportunity for fellowship and connection with those around us.

Mango Habanero -

The sweet of the mango and spice of the habanero will sure to balance each other out with a subtle kick! 

Makes an amazing Margarita, Flavored Ranch Water, or Tequila Sunrise

Old Fashioned - 

Cherry, Orange, and Bitters. Infuse with your favorite bourbon or rye whiskey and enjoy a classic

Apple Pie -

Apple, Cinnamon, and Vanilla. Infuse with bourbon and sip as is or make a wonderful Cider served hot or cold. Our Apple Pie is seasonal and only offered during Fall and Christmas seasons.