Blo Vintage Whistle Necklace BVC18

$ 60.00

Get ready for gameday in this red enamel and brass chain. A slender antiqued brass pipe whistle. 

Allison's vision came to her after years of carrying the whistle her mother gave to her as she embarked on her college journey. The whistle she was given was the same whistle her mother received back in 1960. This heirloom signified love; a mother-daughter connection as well as a means for safety. There are few moments that compare to that first nerve-wracking moment you move out on your own. It was more than just a safety precaution—it was a token of love, a reminder of the bond she shared with her mom. Now, Allison handcrafts necklaces with the same multi-faceted purpose. Her designs are made with various types of whistles meant not only to make totally unique pieces of jewelry, but also to provide a sense of protection, and to carry a story—what the story tells is up to you.

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